IT Consultancy

With our experience, we provides a clear link between your strategic direction, business requirements and the delivery of new technology. We take the time to fully understand your business and offer strategic advice without bias for a mutually productive and on-going relationship.

Managed Services

Our Managed IT Services portfolio represents the combination of technology solutions, network infrastructure, applications and expertise into a suite of services supporting both on premise and cloud deployment and uniquely designed to enable the transformation of your business at the appropriate pace of change that suits you. Enable customers to reduce support costs and significantly improve visibility into the performance of the IT infrastructure.

Project Services

We are experts at delivering software and infrastructure solutions optimised around our clients' requirements. You can be assured that our engineered technical solutions are designed around maximum reliability, maximum end user satisfaction, and minimal calls to the help desk msfterwards!


Get more advanced technology without having to install more equipment. With IT Virtualisation you could use a single item of hardware to run multiple operating systems on a single device, means saving energy use with low effort system management. We provide: Server virtualisation; Storage virtualisation; Application virtualisation; Network virtualisation.

Cloud Solutions

Get the benefits of a secure, enterprise premise solution. We have the right combination of technology and business experience to help you prepare for your implementation and to move all or part of your technology to cloud services. Our cloud solutions are all about accountability; we don't just give you a bunch of infrastructure that meets an SLA, we deliver the whole package, and we make sure it does what you need.

MongoDB Integration

MongoDB’s Integration will accelerate the success of your most important projects. With strategic advisory services, rigorous project management, and deep technical knowledge and experience, our consultants help drive success at all stages of application development and digital transformation with MongoD

Application Development

We offer full-cycle software development and application packages, from research and product development to technical support and maintenance. Develop effective IT solutions for enterprises based on careful analysis of business problems. These solutions are based on principles of openness, verifiability, and scalability. Our employment of further technology development simplifies future updates and provides support for our clients' applications.

Testing & Quality Assurance

We takes a proactive, holistic approach to Quality Assurance (QA) and testing, with processes designed to minimize cost, mitigate risk, and notably enhance the user's experience. As experts in our field, we help our clients maintain their trusted reputation and their competitive edge. We offers a wide range of testing methods applicable including those for Web, app, mobile, security, system, and embedded software environments. We assist in the delivery of functional products with correct characteristics within our agreed-upon schedule.

Web Development / SEO

We designed your site in a way that helps you attract more leads/sales from SEO and PPC advertising campaigns you might be running. With first research your industry and audience to find what truly speaks to your prospective clients and customers. First impressions last, so make yours count. Whether you are a sole trader or a large company we will ensure you get the quality and time you deserve, and create a website that matches both your needs & budget.