|BLIPCOM Consulting
Originally from Australia, BLIPCOM has moved it's base of operations to Indonesia offering global support and infrastructure management, and real, results focused IT services. Our experienced technicians are experts in all areas of business to business IT support, including computers, servers, internet connections and emails. We can create customized software and our team of engineers will work with you to craft the perfect system for your business.

Why You Need Us

In the modern competetive business landscape, businesses of all sizes in all industries need to deploy IT solutions that are focused on helping their businesses succeed. Businesses like yours must utilise these solutions to help them achieve more while spending less, increase their capabilities so they can stay ahead of the competition, and reduce the types of technological risks that threaten us every day.

Without expert guidance in areas related to IT, leading businesses can quickly fall behind and be eclipsed by more agile competitors.

What We Do

BLIPCOM is a specialist IT provider focusing on the needs of small to medium business. We help clients maximise the return from their IT investment using a combination of high level business domain knowledge and the ability to implement and support proven technical solutions.

From project planning through to implementation and ongoing maintenance we save our clients money, minimise operational risk and always focus on client needs and constraints. We ensure that clients have a solution that fits their needs and works well for them.

How We Function

We always works closely with clients to assess their real needs and then assist in the planning, implementation and maintenance of their IT systems.

Whether we are managing the entire project or supplementing your in-house technical staff, we can assist with support and maintenance, system integration, procurement, network design and setup, and disaster recovery planning.

Each client has different needs and there is no one program or solution that will fit every client. This is why we work with you to understand your business, and to build a system that will give you maximum benefit.