|BLIPCOM Consulting
Wouldn't it be brilliant if the software you used was a perfect fit to your organisation, everything laid out in the right place and does exactly what you require?

We can help you do exactly this. We understand that every business is unique; if you want to be a market leader our experienced software developers can create bespoke business software will enable your business to realise its full potential and keep one step ahead of the competition.

Our team will work with you to development custom software solutions to meet your business requirements. Your tailored software will increase your efficiency and save you time and money.

We offer full-cycle software development and application packages, from research and product development to technical support and maintenance.

We develop effective IT solutions for enterprises based on careful analysis of business problems. These solutions are based on principles of openness, verifiability, and scalability. Our employment of further technology development simplifies future updates and provides support for our clients' applications.

  • Analysis of business requirements, existing infrastructure and systems
  • Selection of optimal solutions and platforms for implementing parameters (price / coverage requirements / implementation time and development / ease of maintenance)
  • Optimisation of business requirements with the client to fully benefit from new capabilities
  • Prototyping solutions and integration with the customer
  • Development and testing of software
  • Implementing solutions for key users
  • Adjustments following user feedback
  • Duplication for new users, formal launch of solution
  • Minimised costs for implementing complex or unusual business requirements, accelerating solution building
  • Retention of company’s accumulated experience and know-how in information flows and building business processes